Member Benefits

FCANZ  has a long tradition of supporting companies and people involved in the many facets of the furniture manufacturing industry.

As a member of FCANZ you will have access to:

  • The latest national and international industry information
  • Networking between members and associated industries
  • The latest scientific, government and technological research affecting the industry
  • Information on any government initiatives or changes to government regulations
  • Training and information seminars
  • Industry training and promotion, such as the Furniture Apprenticeship Awards Competition
  • Back up and support through the Master Furniture Seal programme. Learn  More
  • Links between employers and job seekers. See More
  • Group buying privileges

For many members being able to network with other people in the industry is the most valuable aspect of being part o FCANZ. This sharing of information and resources is invaluable, and is part of the mutual support provided by FCANZ.

While market conditions for furniture makers remain challenging there have been some great examples of success amongst our membership arising from innovation, smart design and the good use of technology.

Being a member of FCANZ is a chance to share in this success, to support and be supported by the wider community involved in the furniture and cabinetmaking industry.