FCANZ – Furniture and Cabinetmaking Association of NZ – has a long history dating back to the 1940s, of representing the interests of the Furniture Industry in New Zealand.

FCANZ, previously known as FANZ, (Furniture Association of NZ), has changed in recent years in response to changes in the industry.

Traditionally, FCANZ membership has included manufacturers of both residential and commercial furniture in the areas of wooden furniture and cabinetry, furniture finishing, upholstered furniture, metal furniture, bedding and suppliers to the industry.

Membership is now open to furniture retailers, designers, importers and key stakeholders such as training organisations.


FCANZ objectives are;

  • To promote, assist, develop and advance the interests of the furniture industry in New Zealand.
  • To create a feeling of unity amongst members of the furniture industry throughout New Zealand.
  • To maintain liaison with other organisations representing furniture interests such as furniture retailers and importers.
  • To collect and disseminate information likely to be of interest to the Association and its members.
  • To conduct industry educational andpromotional activities.
  • To support formalised industry training (apprenticeships) through the training arm of the industry.Learn More
  • To support and promote the Furniture Master Seal programme aimed at public awareness of New Zealand made furniture. Learn More
  • To support best practice in all aspects of furniture making.
  • To assist members with consumer-related issues.

FCANZ is governed by a National Executive of 6 Industry representatives who are nominated and elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.

The role of the National Executive is to develop practical ways of assisting FCANZ to achieve its objectives.


The furniture industry is a billion dollar industry, making a substantial contribution to the NZ economy. It is vital the companies involved share experiences and expertise, and have access to the latest research and information to build on this success.

FCANZ is committed to;

  • Encouraging a sense of community in the industry to ensure its survival and to encourage growth.
  • Being an organisation which can do things for the industry that individual companies can’t do for themselves such as industry promotions and representation on issues of concern to the industry.
  • A three-pronged approach to future industry growth; design-led manufacture, a focus on exports and the need to embrace productivity improvement.

FCANZ is aware of government interest in assisting sectors wanting to innovate in areas of research and high-tech manufacturing aimed at export with an emphasis on sustainable production, and encourages members down this path.